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By Mark Henry Pollard

Rough Diamond

A Ron Diamond Legal Thriller

Ron Diamond is a criminal defense attorney who operates out of his Brownstone home, which is right across the street from the projects he grew up in, in the “Do or Die Bed Stuy” neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Diamond has been defending gang bangers, scammers, drunk drivers, and drug dealers.  For him the law is not about justice, it’s about who can pay him the fees he needs to be able to afford the lavish lifestyle of his dreams. But sometimes, it is about justice.

 A wealthy congressman hires Diamond to defend him, and the congressman becomes his dream client.  But then the case quickly turns into a nightmare, causing Diamond to not only question everything he believed about the congressman, but question everything he believed about himself.  Then Diamond puts his own life, and the lives of people close to him, at risk as he tries to pursue justice while navigating his personal challenges, the demons in his own life, and his chaotic love life.

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